Armani Scott Complaint


ARMANI SCOTT OF TOCOLU STUDIOS CONNED ME OF OUT OF $5000 I hired this clown in May of 2010 for a professional quality video shoot which was supposed to be finished by June 2010. On August 27th, 2010 he still did not finish, stiffed one of the models that appeared in the video for her last payment, and didn’t complete any of the videography or editing. He basically put himself out in the marketplace as a professional film producer, but he is a clown. Not a producer. Most horrible person to work with. Now I have to sue him. He is unresponsive to calls and emails, and he has minimal artistic talent. His value added was non-existent. I blame myself, though, I knew that I shouldn’t have hired him when I saw how unprepared he and his marijuana-smoking photographers were during our first meeting. You would have thought that my partner and I simply walked in off the street instead of showing up for the scheduled meeting. Do not hire this guy. He sucks. I know he’s an attorney also, but I don’t know if he screwed any clients in that area, but I would be better safe than sorry. I wish I was when I smelled the ganja smoke that was wafting through his “studio.” Funny thing, the studio really wasn’t available but for one shoot. The rest was very unprofessionally done in his sister’s home. Real professional.

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