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I am reporting on the fraudulent practise of the nursing board in Phoenix who I am finding increasingly reported on for their unethical and unprofessional deeds. While an ignorant, immature and shy youth I got involved with an under age girl. I ended up with a felony arrest but no conviction. The courts operate on a points system and I was on probation for petty retail theft at the time increasing my score. I successly completed house arrest and 10 yrs probation being released from probation by the courts. The marriage I entered at that point in time with 3 children ended shortly thereafter with my getting full custody of my children. 30 yrs later my oldest son is a pastor, youngest is in Navy and daughter received medical discharge from Navy due to an accident while enlisted. When my mother died a few years ago it hit me very hard as she died due to what is known as a nosocomial infection, in other words it was obtained while she was in the hospital due to negligence. This triggered my interest to become a CNA. I attended college informing them of the altercation I became involved in while 22. They checked records and said I was good to go with no convictions of any kind. Upon graduating I had to go through process of finger print clearance, which I eventually accomplished now possessing a level 1 finger print clearance card. Then I discovered I had to go through the whole process again, and cost, with the nursing board. After providing copies of everything to them they then forced me to attend a $2500 visit with a phycologist. Although the psychologist got a few things wrong in his report, such as my being involved in an accident at 30 yrs which I was not, he cleared me the practice as a CNA. After all this the board turns around and denies my licence. Of course speaking of protecting public this was done. No conviction on a 30 year old case with no repeat offenders of anything even close, it was simply the stupidity of my youth. So what they have done is convicted me in a non conviction,lied to me every step of the way,preventing me from moving forward and this has been done to many other people, actual nurses have had careers destroyed because of these people that answer only to themselves. The board needs to desperately be dissolved, they have no idea what they are doing.

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