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I contracted to rent a washer and dryer from appliance warehouse which I had moved to my new home in December 2011. With the transfer I was told I had to pay my balance and a transfer fee of 20 dollars. My account was also on Autopay so my balance came out of my account monthly and I was e-mailed a confirmation. nI am returning the equipment because it is substandard and was informed I owed 80.00 which included my rental transfer fee and accumulated late fees for failure to pa. I informed Aubrey (the supervisor 7/31/2012) that I paid that fee he told me that went to a past due balance. I said that makes no sense because I am on autopay–he also informed me the money I was told was applied to a bill generated after the move date and not to the 20.00 move fee. I said that was not what I was told and the late fees should be waived as I was not informed of it and was told I paid it when I scheduled the transfer . He told me I should have known I owed. I told him I saw payments withdrawn from my account monthly as well as confirmation of payment e-mails and made no assumption I owed any money and therefore, since it is their error could these amounts be waived. He denied my request and I scheduled a pickup of the equipment. nAppliance warehouse’s representatives rather than admit their mistake are pursuing me for 80.00 resulting from late fees for a current account–I believe this is unethical and unjust and I should not owe this amount.

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