Anna Medical College Review


This College lures people from India with low MBBS fees and once the students are moved to Mauritius, the college treats them as if they are 10 year olds. Instead of concentrating on their studies, they pay more attention to who talks to who. The professors humiliate the students and there is a admin in charge, Mithun, He lies and cheats students by threatening them, If they don”t follow what the dean and he says, they won”t get their degree or get a passing grade The students who live in hostels, they are fed disgusting food. They are promised food and NRI living standards, Even in Jail, they get better food. Please do not fall for the low fees, once a student moves to Mauritius, it is very expensive and it ends up costing the same. Each student is charged a different fee according to what they can get out of each family. Aweful, Selfish, cheats running the college, if someone cares, it would be a great place to study.

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