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Anchors Away Boat Repair & Service Shop WARNING*** Boat Repair Scam Artist *** WARNING Jay Florida!!. WARNING*** FRAUD ALERT *** WARNING Anchors Away Boat Shop “Last Stop for All your Boat Needs” I paid $7300 to refurb my boat and engines. Here’s what I got. He towed my boat from FWB to Jay on 3/28/14 and despite my requests didn’t return it until late October. He painted my boat and it is the worst paint job I have ever seen. He offered to do it over, but he obviously lacks the skills and facilities to do it properly. Most of the engine repairs and tune-up services he recommended, and I paid him for, were not performed except for installing the new fuel pumps and head gaskets on one engine. Our contract tasks for both engines called for installing new carburetors, Engine service/tune up, reseal lower units, replace head gaskets, replace water pumps, flywheel magnet repair, replace fuel pumps, replace thermostats, remove center console and old Cobia tower, and remove all deck hardware, wood trim and bow platform in preparation for painting hull and insides/deck. He did not perform the lower unit reseal or even change the oil, replace the water pumps, replace the carburetors (or even rebuild them), head gaskets on the 2nd engine, and more. He returned the boat without the anchor hatch cover, 2 storage hatches, 2 deck hatches and other hardware. I asked for them and he replied they had already been delivered to me and that he didnu2019t have them. They were finally recovered on 4/25/2018 after mailing a written demand with replacement costs due if they were not returned. Do yourself a favor by not letting this happen to you. I have solid evidence to back up all my charges and I am pursuing legal action. YOU MAY CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS AND VERIFICATION

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