Ammo Marketplace LLC. Review


Ammomarketplace seems to have some production and operational issues. Their manufacturing process does not consistently create quality product (which luckily did not make it into the chamber of a rifle!). However, their quality control process did catch that. | Their business practice is to charge you for an item that does not yet exist, meaning that it is still in the manufacturing process. However, their website advertises the product as in stock. Their opertation also seems to rely on incompetent credit card providers, which is the lingering problem and the reason I am writing this summary today. | Here is the sequence of events that outlines my experience with | 6/7/2016 – I placed an order for ammo on 6/7/2016 for me and several of my friends at the range. I didn’t hear anything – not even a confirmation email. | 6/9/2016 – When I checked my credit card statement online on 6/9/2016, the charge had been made. I contacted the seller to inquire about the status, and was told that the “the latest batch did not pass inspection”. That made me nervous for several reasons, not the least of which was safety. | 6/10/2016 – I asked the customer service representative (Erika) to refund the money and charge the card when they shipped the ammo. Erika told me the refund had been issued on 6/10/2016 and I got an email reflecting that refund. | 6/16/2016 – I checked in with Erika on the status of the refund. Her message was “The refund was issued on June 10th. It may take up to 10 banking business days before the money is transferred back into your account. If you would like to know where your refund is in its process of being refunded, you can call the number on the back of your credit card. They should be able to relay that information to you. Please let us know if you have any more questions, and certainly, if you do not receive your refund by June 24th.” | 6/25/2016 – I checked the status of the refund with the credit card company, but they had not received the refund. I told the customer service representative at th ecard company the storyu, and was advised to file a dispute. I filed the dispute and send a message to Erika advising her that the refund had not been issued by the 24th, and that I had filed the dispute under advisement of the credit card company. | 6/27/2016 – I recieved the following message from Erika and Ammomarketplace – “After quite a bit of time on the phone with our processor and payment gateway, I’ve discovered that there has been a communication error between the two parties, and the refund request did not reach the right people. At this point, I was advised to allow the chargeback to go through without contesting it so that you can have your money back as soon as possible. I’ve never disputed a charge before, but I hope it is not a time consuming process for you.” Yes, disputing a fraudulent or innaccurate charge is actually kind of a hassle, involves paperwork and stamps, and takes time. | I checked with the credit card company on 6/24/2016, and they had sent a letter to me regarding the dispute. So far, I have no product and a large credit card bill. I was able to get the credit card company to stop charging me interest on the contested amount, but even that took some talking! | I will keep this report updated as to the outcome.


Name: Ammo Marketplace LLC.

Country: United States

State: Alaska



Phone: 1-800-666-3774


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