Amkotron Inc Complaint


A spot appeared on my 24 inch LCD monitor, about a thumb sized spot of dead pixels in the center of the screen. Called Samsung customer service. They sent me a ups label to ship it to a company called Amcotron. I sent the monitor received it back about a week and a half later with a much bigger spot of dead pixels and a scratched to hell frame. Called Amcotron figuring I’d give them the chance to correct this mistake, after several days of always having to call them back and find out what’s going on, I sent them some pictures of the damage and they sent me a ups return label. I was told the parts to fix it were being ordered at that time so it could be repaired immediately and sent back to me overnight. This was not the case, over the next couple weeks I had to constantly call them back and find out what was going on with my monitor, they never called me back or emailed me to update me like I asked them to do. On OCT 7 i was told it was being fixed and sent back to me that day. On OCT 10, i called samsung and was told this was unacceptable and that I would be contacted by the Executive Customer Service department to have this issue resolved and that they would also be able to offer me compensation for my trouble. Today on OCT 13, I still dont have my monitor and Samsung basically told me that they are very sorry for this inconvenience but they can not offer any kind of compensation for this issue, they wouldnt even extend my warranty. The company Amcotron lied to Samsung and told them I was wrong that they never told me the monitor was being fixed on OCT 7 and that it was being shipped that day. I am completely appalled by this level of customer service by Samsung and Amcotron, and I will never by a Samsung product again.

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