Amiee Shafer Missouri Missouri


On March 9th of this year my life changed as I knew it….it actually started way before this but thats the exact day my husband of over 25 years told me he was having an affair with a white trash trailer whore from his work. My phone kept having problems turning off and staying off or just in general messing up, so I would need to go to Verizon and have them fix it but they wouldn’t touch it without me being an administrator on the account. They would have to call him and ask him to make me an administrator so that they could fix my phone. Anyways after several times of this happening I demanded yet again from him to explain why he just wouldn’t leave me as an administrator (he always had some excuse for me not to be on the account) On march 9th my phone acted up again and completely shut off, I had to use our home phone to call him and tell him I need to be put on the account. He was furious about it because they would call him and he could tell them to make me an administrator but being he was driving back to Missouri where he works, it would be several hours before he could take me off the account and I could and would go on there and see he was having an affair. So instead of me finding out that way he just blurted out”I’m having an affair” Well he works out of state 5 days out of the week so needless to say that was a long week!! || We went through ups and downs and it didn’t help that I’m bipolar, This sent me into a manic state and when I’m manic I want sex all the time…well of course he loved that. We were having it like 10 times every weekend he was home. He said he wanted out of our marriage in late March yet he couldn’t go through with it. He kept his phone on him at all times and it had a pass code on it. Finally on April 27th I woke up before him and got a hold of his phone and took off in my car, as I was typing in what I figured out was the code the whore texted him. Her exact text read..”Hey Babe I know its early and you are probably still sleeping and I’m in church but all I can think about is you f**king me!” Nice huh!! Freaking white trash trailer whore!! I read through what text were there and there was a naked picture of her, I turned my car around and went home woke him up and we had a huge fight.  He said her husband is a psycho and would probably kill both of them and that her husband is a piece of shit….sure he is!! Anyways I took off and took most of my pain killers while driving, I finally got to loopy to drive and a cop pulled me over and I was taken to the hospital and put into ICU. My husband came there to tell me he wanted a divorce…real nice huh?? When I got out of the hospital I went into his Facebook account and found her whole name and did a background search on her and found out tons of shit and found out her husband’s email address. || Well me and my husband were still trying to work it out , I had came down for a visit to Missouri for a week and on the way back to Wisconsin where we live, I asked what the code on his phone stood for…he looked dumbfounded and it ran thru my head really quick, it was the whores birthday. Well that pissed me off beyond belief so I emailed her husband that she was f**king my husband and he needed to call me…he called and we talked about it…we’ve emailed a few times and got details about the affair. || As of right now me and my husband just celebrated our 26th Anniversary and he begs for my forgiveness every day and says she was just a easy piece of ass…..I’m still manic from all of this so were still having wild sex like crazy. || With the background search I found out that her husband runs his own business (removed) plus I found out where she lived and I drove there its a complete disgusting ran down white trash trailer park and hers it completely gross with trash around it and sheets hanging in the windows you can tell shes a complete lazy pig!

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