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Complaint: Got a message from Elizabeth about something I was selling on Facebook and asked to Contact threw email. Used excuse was going on her honeymoon and wanted my product by time they returned home. She said would be using certified bank check threw her financial provider. The check was from Entertainment Industry Foundation. Los Angeles ca. The check was from city national bank Beverly Hills ca. The check was for my price plus 50 extra for holding item until check came. And since she was gone on honeymoon said she maid aragments with shippers but after getting check from fedex shipping label was from Check was $984.29 was not expecting that much. after getting check said I needed to send shippers their fee and was to a Larry Collier in Lubbock tx via Walmart to Walmart money in minutes. Her phone number is u202d+1 (561) 331-0943u202c. I got the check today . And wouldnu2019t ya know it I get a mother msg from someone else named David wanting a diff item and wanted me to contact him threw his email. After reciving check for that amount and then what she asked that I use the rest of funds to send shipper. I knew it was not liget and was a scam and then when I got that msg from David I knew I was rite all along Iu2019m saving all txt emails check shipping label numbers every bit of it all for further investigation against them all. Elizabeth email is [email protected] and Davidu2019s isI’m interested in buying your item ASAP, please get back to me on my email [email protected] Thanks. Thatu2019s how it starts. Hope this helps

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