I have recently seen charges from “ Internet” on my bank account. They started to charge me once every handful of days and then it increased to up to eight charges daily, a few times in a week. When I called Amazon, they did not see any fraudulent activity on their end. I contacted my bank and was told that someone accessed my personal banking account which I had to fully close and open a new one. Then I found out that when you search for an actual Amazon customer service phone number, they are showing up on Google search engines but are also fraudulent. I don’t believe it’s really Amazon but that’s who they say they are. I received an email from Amazon who when contacted transferred me to another company. They ended up asking for a copy of my drivers license, social security card, a second identification, total amount of fraudulent activity in a notarized letter. They wanted me to fax it to: 402-916-8180. They claim to be Telecheck but I am not sending any personal information to anyone. The phone number given is 866-366-2425. At this point, I am not trusting anyone.

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