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I have been receiving numerous unsolicited calls from a “robo-dialer” from Alliance Security for the past 9-12 months, often 2-3 per day, almost always from different phone numbers. It is usually the same approach where a phony recorded voice comes on and introduces themselves and says that I’ve qualified for a free home security installation. If you press whatever number it will connect you with their “Sales Team” where you actually talk with someone, almost always someone with a heavy Indian accent with a BS name like “Steve.” | After trying to have the calls blocked and making sure I am on the Do Not Call List, the calls kept coming. I often have to answer them because I have clients all over the country and some of the area codes match where they live. They give an option to “Add this number to a list to not contact you,” or something similar, but then they just call from a different number. | Anyway, I finally was able to go through the process of actually setting up an appointment, which has not happened yet. They are supposedly sending a technician to my house to install this security system. I have contacted my local police department and the state attorney general, but unfortunately there isn’t much they can do. I can have the police remove him from my property, but he hasn’t broken any laws because I technically invited him. | My plan is to waste as much of this person’s time as is humanly possible. Long story short, these people are awful and are just harassing people. The owner of the company is a dirtbag named Jay Gotra and there are numerous complaints and even a lawsuit against him. I plan to do no business with them, of course, and would love to do far more than just waste his time. | I can only imagine what these dirtbags would do if someone actually buys anything from them or gives them any personal information. I plan to do everything I can locally to make it known how they do business and try to hurt their business every way I can. | DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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