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Albert Buca benvious04 albert_amg EXPERIENCED EBAY SCAMMER Clearwater Florida!!. This eBay scammer is very experienced. He adverts mail fraud by claiming to have put the car in the shop, and that the parts mix up was something the mechanic did and that he is unaware of the situation. Everything he is going to tell you is a lie. He will make all sorts of claims, and even if you catch him red handed and begin to work a claim against him in eBay, eBay is going to side with this scammer. I even have a part that has his finger prints on it packaged away so if this goes to court, I have evidence against him. He will purchase your Mercedes and BMW parts, then immediately upon receiving the part make some claim, like the part doesnu2019t fit, the mechanic said it was too much trouble to install. Upon accepting the return, he will switch parts and ship you something that is not yours, then turn around and sell it on eBay from an alternate account. The two aka names are the ones I dealt with. He will also try very hard to get you to return the one he sent you. Do not do this. Refuse to send it back, because it will have his finger prints all over a part he claims he had nothing to do with. Someone will eventually put this man in jail where he belongs.

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