I wanted to purchase a teacup Pomeranian puppy. I checked so many websites, I found 3 that had some really sweet looking puppies.All in my price range also in the size and color I wanted. I decided to go with these ppl from Pa. They communicated back and forth really well sent me emails of questions and instructions of what to do and how to do it. They gave several ways to transfer money. I use Zelle from my bank. They wanted me to send photo company of transfer of funds. They said the first $600 didn’t reach them because I left an r off the email address so I sent another $600 dollars. They said they got it and this was on 2-22-20. They said I would receive my puppy on 2-25-20 at 10:00am I text at 9:30 to make sure I had the correct day I got no response I texted 2 more times and emailed and texted until 2:30. I called my bank regarding the funds which they told me the money went to the same account. So now they had $1,200 but claimed they only had $600. My bank told me to file a claim with them and the FBI cyber crimes. Which I did but also text the breeder one more time and said if I didn’t hear from them I was filing a report with the FBI. Within an hour I received a text saying that I worry too much they were good ppl and that they couldn’t ship that day. I explained they should have notified me. So now they said my puppy was coming on 2-27-20, and keep my phone on in case the Courier service needed to reach me. Well I text them around 11:30 that day asking if the puppy was coming for sure. They said yes either today or tomorrow. I text back first tues, Thursday now maybe Friday. She said once she got to work she would send me tracking number and all the traveling information. I got an email requesting I needed to pay $1,150 refundable deposit on insurance because Michigan required this. I told them why couldn’t they pay and I’d pay the $10 paper fee. They said they didn’t have the money and they expected me to wire transfer this money. But I would get it back as soon as I got my puppy. Needless to say I called the bank added the information to my claim and also the FBI. Reported the website to The one good thing about their last wire transfer it had their address on the paperwork besides the courier’s company which I’m sure was fake but I had that address and the courier’s bank name bank account & routing number besides his home address.

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