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Complaint: I had an experience with a towing company recently for illegal parking in a private property. I paid the fee and retrieved my car, everything went fine. Not a complaint here. What’s interesting was when I ask how did they know about it, the answer I got was TROUBLING ME. They have tow truck drivers driving around the property and check on the property, LOOKING FOR ILLEGAL PARKING. WITHOUT ANY WARNING OR TICKETING, WITHOUT ANY COMPLAINT FROM THE PROPERTY OWNER, THEY JUST TOW THE CAR. ADDITIONAL SALES FOR THEM, SUFFERING ON THE IGNORANCE. And I sort of felt that this is like over powering arm robbery in the day time and it is legal, and no one is voicing a concern, especially when they target the below average income inner city neighborhood. Some background information, I was at a project low incoming house on a Wednesday late afternoon around 4pm. I was working and had to visit a tenant. I admit I didn;t see the sign that private property, towing zone. I was in the property for 45 minutes, and the car was towed. There was no complaint from the property manager or office about illegal parking, I was not taking over anyone space, there are plenty of empty parting space there. However, the car was tow because towing company has their driver drive around and see who is foolish enough to make a mistake for parking and make some quite money that way. Once the car is towed, it is $264 to collect your car, plus $100 if it is after 5pm, and it is 10% extra charge if you pay by credit card, which they don;t tell you in advance till you get to the office. I am curious why would a management office has a contract with a towing company who is looking to exploit the tenant’s friend and family. For low income housing, a few hundreds per time for towing is a lot, I can understand to keep property clean and in order, and sometimes tenants can be out of control, but is this arrangement proper and ethical? I am curious, does the towing company trying to bully the poor and take advantage of situation of the poor. What state law give the towing company the right to come in and black mail a person with his automobile. I think this is like black mailing a person with his/her family members, if that were to happen, it is a crime, but for towing company this is legal. Even the police, if they see you park illegally, they can either give you a warning or tickets, but is $260 too high a charge. If you see the location of the tow company, a empty piece of land, with a run down small shed, the operation cost is almost minimum. That must be the most lucrative business. I thought you may like to look into the contract between the management company and the towing company. Who is getting the benefits for exploiting the people visiting the low income housing. What incentive does the towing company has to provide a tow tuck circling around the property every hour by the hour? I can understand business needs to generate sales, but is this considered entrapment? Now I begin to see how the inner city neighborhood feel, besides trying to make a living, they need to fight crime, drugs and people who try to take advantage of them, it is hard to trust.

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