Ackerman Security Systems Complaint


Ackerman we”ve been with you for 12+ years. We gave the business to you after switching from prior company, Everything was up and running we just switched over to you. I”m not complaining about response time when we trip alarm accidentally but your trying to get rich off your loyal customers. Our keypad has one worn button so we called your customer service. They schedule an appointment, the repair guy calls the night before asks for photos so he brings the correct keypad. Then says he will work up the price and email it to me. Originally I”m thinking it should be free since we”ve been with you so long and the part is needed to do business, I was shocked and pissed when I seen this 4 page contract come over my email. It was $210 for part and labor but he could knock off $30 for part making it $180 plus $99 activation fee PLUS 3 YEAR RENEWAL CONTRACT. I found the exact keypad on EBay for $14.98, I searched YouTube to see what was involved in hooking up keypad, maybe 20 min job. So I”m either fixing myself or start calling to switch Security Company.

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