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aamco poughkeepsie ny warrentee refusel poughkeepsie New York!!. I am a small business owner of a livery service. Andy owner of Aamco poughkeepsie NY has done 3 complete transmissions rebuilds for my service on 3 different cars in 3 consecutive years. He has always given me a 12 month with Unlimited mieladge warrentee in exchange for my on going business (And he is very expensive compared to his competitors, always 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 thousand dollars per job,,, but worth it if he follows through on level of proffessionalism as well as the warrentee particulars). Everything fine and dandy till the 3rd job!!! 9 months after installing a completly re manufactured unit it failed, he told me the transmission needs to be replaced. but that he WILL NOT HONOR the warrentee because i put too many miles on the rebuilt unit! He knows very well i use these cars for my service ive mentioned it many times, why else would the unlimited part be so important for me? but wait!!! his unconditional warrentee clearly stated “UNLIMITED MILES”? “But Bob” he says to me on the phone “Had i know what type of miles you meant i would never have given you that warrentee”!!! But wait i say… you did give me that warentee!! What exactly does unlimited mean??? This Aamco business owner CAN NOT BE TRUSTED and is your best buddy untill it will cost him money!!! then he simply tells you to come pick up your car and stop bothering him!!! Whats the point of paying extra if your only going to be screwed by this man ANDY the moment his work/job doesnt hold up?

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