A County Proccess Server


They continuous call my business phone number and my mobile number with leaving a voice message from different local area codes. When I checked my voicemail, Josie Watts a Service Processor from the county this is my (1st-3rd/ final attempt) is looking for "name" serving sealed documents at your home or business, I will try one more time today and will show up to your home or business to collect your whereabouts. for missed court and stated she attempted to deliver legal documents for a court appointment .Please press (1) to speak with a representative or in case of missed court appointment call 1(855)869-4698 to speak with a representative.This is a complete scam. I work in legal and they would send documents certified mail or you would just be served. Also, when looking up the (855) 869-4698 number several people complained about the same thing and stipulated that they gave "fake" phone numbers and the agent said that they owed a debt from HSBC and tried to get valid credit card information for a "fake" debt.

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