1800 Loanmart Complaint


As most people in this economy, I lost my job and turned to loanmart for a short term loan to pay my rent. I was lucky to have paid off my extremely high interest loan in 25 days. That was 2 months ago and my dealings with them are still not over. I was told when I paid off my loan that the title would be released and sent to me within 15 business days. After 17 business days, I phoned them to find out why I had not received my title. After going through their “automated” phone service, I was directed to the title department voicemail. My call was not returned. I called two additional times and finally got an associate on the phone. I was told my title had not been released and there was no additional explaination. 15 business days later I called again to find out why I had not received my title. Again after leaving many messages for their title department I finally got a live person and asked why I had not received my title. I was assured it would be released that day. I finally received my title after 45 days. Now my dealings with them have to do with the fact the keys to my vehicle were lost by the third party (Currency exchange) where I signed the documents. Since no key was “received” at the loanmart offices they are not willing to pay to have the locks rekeyed on my vehicle. For all I know, either loanmart or the currency exchange has sold my address and keys to someone!! They stated that since no key was received they are under no obligation to reimburse me for this expense. Well according to the contract I signed, I surrendered a key to my vehicle. This is the most despicable company I have ever dealt with. The customer service people are rude and trying to get a supervisor to assist with answers is as painful as trying to remove your colon through your nose! I urge you not to do business with this company!! I will be filing complaints with the bbb and district attorney along with proceeding with small claims court with both loanmart and the currency exchange.

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