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Phoenix Advisors Ltd. Review


Pheonix Advisors Group is a fake company. Please stay away from them. They took all the money I deposited with them and later stopped responding to my emails and messages. I had to reach out to another recovery company to help me recover all my money back and it was successful. | Pheonix Advisors Group will only waste your time and your money. Stay away from them. You will never recover your...

Modern Automotive LLC Spartanburg SC


Complaint: I went to Modern Automotive LLC to get a vehicle to drive back and forth to work. They were only able to get me into a 2005 Mustang Convertible through Buy Here Pay Here program. At the time of test drive everything seemed good with the vehicle except the motor for the convertible top, the trunk latch was sticking, a ticking in the motor and a major ant infestation problem. My salesman...

Sherri Clark – St.Petersburg, Florida Florida


This homewrecker took my little boys daddy away from him. She couldn’t keep her legs closed. Instead of spending time with his son, she has him spending money on her! She’s a horrible person, who is selfish, and should be ashamed of herself.

Sandra Cuervas Life Coach Review


Im reporting Mr Richard Ball and Ms Sandra Ball (cuervas). We have served them for almost a year and we worked really hard to clean their home. They started off fine but little by little their payments began to lag behind with the debt accumulating to $840. As a small business this is too much for us. We are a small group of 8 people cleaning homed. We were considerate about their needs so we...

Travel Advantage Network Pennsylvania Review


Report this company to the attorney general, federal trade commission and the media!! They lied to get my money. They could never fulfill my vacation requests. And now they want me to sign a gag order in order for me to cancel a contract that I was lied into signing! nI went to a sales presentation six months ago in Wilkes Barre, PA. Everything seemed great. Inflation protected vacations at $500...

Lee Kestenberg


Lee Kestenberg is the worstt. Controlling. Liar. Narcissistic self involved idiot who always thinks he’s right. He calls himself an AD but all he is is a scum bag who will hit on anything that he thinks will f*** him. Stay away!!!!!

Cecil Atkission Motors Bertram Texas


Complaint: Where can I begin… Honestly, until now, I have actually been well treated at other Chrysler dealers throughout the country, especially those in the larger DFW type metro areas. Recently, I moved to Portray, TX (pop.3,500+) and decided to get my 2007 PT Cruiser serviced at Cecil Atkiisson Motors in Burnet, TX. That’s when my problems began. First off, let me explain that...*bevederes cape town weatern cape Other


Complaint: These people Dating site i beleive are presently tacking off money from my credit card without my authority and or knowledge or permission granted.
Tags: Prostitutes
Address: Nationwide United States of America
Website: www.xxxblackbook,com/

JH Portfolio Debt Toms River other Review


My mother-in-law Emilia Mxxxxxx has Alzheimers Disease, and is in a nursing home. The address on both Home Depot and JH Portfolio file she no longer lives there. Home Depot closed out the account in the amount of $3.618.56 last year. Home Depot was told that this account was never going to get paid. Her checking account with Wells Fargo has been closed out with a charge off amount of $232.21. She...

William Bresch, Florida convicted felon and currently in Broward jail.


Florida, Liar Cheater Man As of 1/17/2017, William Charles Bresch is currently in Broward County Jail here in Florida for threatening a judge and lying to law enforcement about his intentions to do bodily harm to civil litigants in his home eviction trial, stemming from June of 2016. Bail is set at 1,750,000.00. On December 7th a swat team was sent to his mothers home in Melbourne Florida where...