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KevinTrudeau Albion New York Review


I was misleaded by Kevin Trudeau in believing that the FDA was keeping secerts from me in how I can cure some of my health problems. There was nothing in his book that pertained to any cure. nHowever he did put his e-mail address in the book for me to go to, when I got to the he was asking for more money to get the cures. I am out of the money I paid for this book. nI feel it...

LindaStars Boynton Beach Florida Review


I ordered a bracelet from LindaStars Christmas Day. I received a confirmation that night. Then nothing. I’ve emailed them three times in the last week asking WHEN my order will be shipped. I’ve yet to get a reply. I went to their website searching for a phone number. There is none. Even an online search for a phone number was fruitless. The money has been paid, I’d like to get...

Lumber Liquidators Kennesaw Georgia Review


We bought flooring from Lumber Liquidators in July, waited the proper time for acclimating the flooring and had their recommend flooring installer put it in our house. It now has gaps and cupping, and is coming apart. They supposedly have a 30 year warranty, but the company does not stand behind their warranty. Apparently the company buys a lot of defective wood from China, and (according to www...

Signature Resources Review


I recently left Signature Resources Insurance and Financial Services, which also operates under the MassMutual Pacific Coast brand, after over a year of employment with failed promises and theft of wages earned. | During the interview I was told, in writing (and I confirmed it was the same for my colleagues), that I was to have been reimbursed for my licensing requirements for the position. I...

aten collection


I ordered a Halloween costume for my son. I emailed to cancel my order knowing it wouldn’t make it in time for Halloween. I got a system generated email saying it was shipped and to be patient. I emailed the company again demanding I get a refund and will be returning the product. I then got the same email again. The number listed on the website is bogus. I have seen MANY people online...

Prosperity Student Services Review


I cancelled services before they began due to I wouldn’t be able to do the program. I eventually got a refund but two days ago they withdrew 39.00 out of my account. I tried to contact by phone twice yesterday. They were closed at 2pm and at 5pm. I have emailed them asking to refund the 39.00 and to stop any future monthly service fees. Still no response.

Occidental Grand Aruba Resort Review


The year 2008 i purchased the grand level presidential suite and stayed for 2 weeks with my wheelchar bound wife.we made a reservation for a manicure and pedicure and upon leaving the lobby she told me that her weding band is missing, I had the security investigate and came out empty handed. In 2009 we went in February to stay and they had another suite available for us which I refused because it...



In May of 2015 We called C/W Heating & Plumbing to go to our cottage and repair the pipes that were damaged from freezing with water in them. On May 27 they sent us an invoice for %665.05 This job was grossly overcharged. 1st they charge a service call of $85.00 then the total cost for material was $101.05. The next charge was for 2 1/2 hours of labor for 2 men. The labor total was $475.00...

B M Roofing Edmonton Alberta Review


Labourers were hired to complete the roofing jobs in the fall, some of whom left other jobs because of the unique payment opportunities promised. Cheques were written for labour but were NSF. Labourers were on the hook for the NSF charges. Repeated attempts to contact the company proved fruitless. Many promises made about when funds would be available, just had to set up this or do that...

Cornerstone partners


I received many calls from an automatic service message for a debt collection from CornerStone Partners. I tried to speak with Cornerstone receptionist but he hung up in my face when asked if someone in accounting available to discuss my account. He did suggest that I do an online inquiry; however, I left a message with Maria Rolph trying to get information. I was informed by Tri-Star Processing...