Bra Size Calculator

Use this size calculator to find a starting point for your bra size. Using a soft measuring tape and your best fitting bra, measure yourself following the steps below and enter your measurements in inches. Our calculator gives you results in UK sizes, as we have found these sizes to be more consistent across manufacturers. Use the conversion charts below to convert across other scales. 

*Note: The calculator results are intended only to provide a size guide.

  1. Measure directly under the bust, ensuring a snug measurement, and enter this as your "Underbust." This measurement doe not necessarily result in your band size. If your measurement results in an odd number, our calculator will size it down to the nearest even number for a snug fit. 
  2. Wear your best fitting bra, and measure around your bust, the fullest part of your chest. Enter this measurement as your "Bust."

Underbust: inches


Bust: inches